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Buying a Swag - What to Look For

Buying a Swag - What to Look For

Are you planning your next outdoor activity? Possibly hiking or trekking? Are you thinking of buying camping swag, but confused which one is the best? No problem, we are here for you. The perfect swag is out there, you just need to identify it. But before that, several other things are here to consider before buying a camping swag that will suit your needs and budget. You’d have to have considered material, type, size, and a lot of things. Here is a complete guide for buying a swag to help you find the right for you.

Canvas Swag

Camping swags of various types and brands are available at the market, but the best is one that uses a high-quality canvas. Canvas is imperative to consider as it covers the whole swag and allow you to keep yourself separate from outside elements during camping stay. Here are a few essential points to consider for finding the right canvas.

  • A good quality canvas is 12 oz or higher. Oz uses to measure canvas per square yard. So the higher the amount of oz, then better will be quality.
  • Tear resistance canvas is sturdy and good because it uses ripstop weaves on top of plain weaves.
  • Rot proof canvas is recommended as it keeps mould and mildew away while staying in camping.
  • High gauge threaded seams when you opt for poorly gauge threads on seams; it allows moisture to drip into the swag.

Swag Size

Size is one of the price-deciding factors. You can have a single size, king size, or double size swag.

  • A single size swag is approximately 6 to 90 cm in width and 180 to 230 cm in length. It’s a perfect size for people with good height.
  • A king-size swag is alike the single swag with 90 to 115 cm width.
  • A double size swag is made for two people to fit in. It measures 110 to 130 cm in width and 190 to 230 cm in height.

Types of Swags 

Unless it is a custom-made, swag should fall under two main categories; the traditional styling and dome swag or tunnel type.

Traditional swag is the best choice for bikers as it is easy to assemble and light in weight. Here a biker has a mattress covered with canvas, one side of that works as a base while another one as the cover.

Dome type swag is like a dome that uses poles and ropes for installation. No doubt, this type of swags is heavy and difficult to assemble.

Tunnel type swag has netted mesh to let air flow outside freely.

Swag Mattress Style

Swag comes with a pre-installed mattress so, it’s essential to choose the one that fit your needs. A too soft or too hard bed can make your journey stressful. Mattress quality depends on manufacturers. However, a good swag mattress should be between 35 mm and 70 mm deep.

Here are some other points to consider:

  • Zipper
  • Ventilation
  • Base
  • Poles


The zipper should be of good quality and sewn into the canvas hem. Test it by sliding back and forth.


Make sure you choose a properly ventilated swag to let the airflow outside and keep your swag cooler.


The base is a part that is in contact with the ground. If your camping site is wet and damp, then PVC base is the ideal. While if you are camping in a hot and dry atmosphere, then go for a breathable base.


Poles are used to help stand swag up straight. Always go for steel and alloy poles as these give sturdiness and great support to swag.

Final Verdict:

Each swag has its own features, benefits, and disadvantages. You may find various swags with different packaging, while most come in bags. By keeping in mind, the steps mentioned above, you can find the best one for you.

If you are looking for top-quality swag for your next hiking trip stay, then get a full collection of swags here at www.ozcampingworld.com.au

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