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Buying a Backpack: A Complete Guide to Buy A Backpack

Buying a Backpack: A Complete Guide to Buy A Backpack

Buy a Trekking Backpack: A complete Guide for buying a Backpack

Are you looking to purchase trekking backpack, but confused which one is the best? Knowing how to buy the best hiking backpack is a valuable set of skills to master when to decide to make a worthwhile investment. Since trekking backpacks come in a wide range of functions and styles, it’s crucial to understand your needs, preferences, and budget to find the right pack for your next trip.

The benefit of choosing the right backpack can help you to bring your trekking experience to the next level. So today, in this article, we’ll share some easy practical tips that will help you make the best choice based on your needs and budget.

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So let’s get ourselves rolling!

Choosing the Best Trekking Backpack

How to find a comfortable backpack for you?

Do you know what the most crucial aspect you should consider when wondering which hiking backpack to pick is? Well, it’s something which overrides the price. The comfort! 

It never matters how cheap or expensive your bag is if it doesn’t sit comfortably on your shoulders or back, it’s not meant for you.

Maybe you’ll be amazed to listen by it that even if a trekking backpack comes from a famous brand, it still might not be the one you need.

So here are some crucial factors which define how comfortable a backpack is. The most common are:

  • Size
  • Padding
  • Fit
  • Suspension
  • Ventilation

Finding the Right Size

Finding the right size backpack means two things. First, it means the actual physical size. Some packs come wide and short, while others long and thin. It’s normal to want a backpack that doesn’t look big bulky or heavy on shoulders. Beyond the physical size of a backpack, the size of it also matters because it’ll determine how much you can hold. It depends on the duration of your hike what items you’re planning to take with you.

Getting A Good Fit

Finding the best hiking backpack can be the difference between a good experience and a bad one.

Most people think that the size of the backpack is proportional to their height, but in fact, it’s the size of your torso and hips-width that determine the real need. Many good brands will come with a size chart to help customers decide which fit is the right.

Importance of Padding

Padding is a crucial factor to consider while purchasing the best hiking backpack. It determines how comfortable the weight will feel on your shoulders, back, and hips. Too much padding can be awkward and cause pressures against the body over time. It’ll ultimately lead to discomfort; pain results in you holding the body in a strange way to ease and uneasy pressure.

Even a hiking backpack with too little padding will often not sit right. It can cause load-bearing discomfort and will not protect your body from strains. So a decent pack has padding on back panels, on the shoulder straps, and of course on the hip belt strap. These are the areas where your body bears the load at the most.

Suspension System: A Luxury or Necessity?

If your backpack has a good suspension system, then you’ll hardly feel the backpack’s weight no matter if it’s 20 L or 20 L.

*Suspension is a combination of belts, straps, harnesses, and frames whose main objective is to distribute the weight across your body properly.

A good suspension backpack will smoothly distribute the weight, and you’ll feel light. You may have to invest money for this luxury. If you’re looking to buy a multi-pack, then surely suspension system is a must.

Knowing Your Technical Requirements

When you’re looking for a trekking backpack, it’s necessary to keep a close eye on your technical requirements. Start by asking yourself: why I need a trekking backpack?’

How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

Storage space matters, it depends on what kind of hike you’re planning ongoing. Your bag must have ample space if you’re planning to spend more time there. A traditional daypack tends to have a good range of 20-35 litres. A small backpack would be enough for you to carry essential supplies if you are on a hike for a partial day. The bigger bags supposed to hold enough snacks and water to last a full day hiking.  Additionally, they could have a complete hydration system as well.

Choosing A Backpack that supports The Right Weight

When you decide to go on hiking, it’s necessary to understand the limitations of how much weight you can carry. For a traditional backpack, it’s always advised not to carry more than 10% of overall body weight. It keeps you protected from injury.

Fabrics Consideration

The material of a backpack also matters to determine how well it’ll stand against the harsh elements and with rigorous use. Mostly the lightweight backpacks are made from a variation of Dyneema Composite Fabric or nylon. These are slightly waterproof and lightweight. DCF is lighter and has higher water-resistant capacity than nylon.

For more backpacks, you’ll find a label of letter D. For example, 420D or 600D. The D stands for denier, the sturdy and most hard-wearing backpack. You can also find ripstop polyester with an extremely higher diner.

Backpack Styles

Now let’s have a quick look at some general guidelines that will benefit you along the way.

Know the importance of seasonally fitted backpacks

It depends on when you plan on going for an exciting hike; it’s crucial to consider the kind of backpack you buy. If you’re planning in summer, then you’ll like to have a lightweight and breathable backpack which won’t heat up quickly. For a winter hike, you may you want something to hold more gear for safety purposes.

Colour Matters

Colour matters, not aesthetically but for staying safe in a hunting country or blending in for some time spent observing animals. Though one you can choose a colour he likes, there’s potential for the colour to conflict with your intentions out in nature. So keep that factor in mind as well.

Consider Your Budget

Though a lot of consideration that goes into finding your right trekking backpack, one of them is budget. Since trekking backpacks come at a wide range price with some well under $100 and come up over $100, so it can be challenging not knowing where you stand in advance.

When you’ve determined what’s backpack budget is, you should begin looking for bags in that range and compare the review to ensure; you get the best product.

Final Words

I hope this thorough article will help you know the crucial factors to consider while finding the best hiking backpack for your next trip. Always keep in mind, you need to focus on your comfort. It never matters whether you pay less or more; if the backpack is not comfortable during the journey, it’ll ruin your excitement.  

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